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Full Circle Fiber Partners companies have decades of experience constructing underground plant in the cable and telecom space. We have constructed thousands of miles of coax, HFC, conduit and fiber for residential and commercial projects. We have a full suite of boring, trenching and plow services and can trench up to 42 inch or larger to meet specific needs. With a full complement of underground equipment and experienced personnel we are able to tackle even the most complicated of underground challenge.

  • FTTX Deployment
  • OSP Cabling
  • Copper/Coax Cable Systems
  • Joint Trench Systems
  • Right-of-Way
  • Cabling/Plowing
  • Directional Boring
  • Trenching
  • Micro Trenching
  • Rail Plow

Aerial Construction

Our knowledgeable people and fleet of bucket trucks and aerial rigs enables us to construct and maintain aerial plant across any landscape.

  • OSP/ISP Fiber
  • Node Facilities
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Hub-Site Location
  • FTTX Deployment
  • OSP Cabling
  • Copper/Coax Cable Systems
  • MAN/WAN Deployment
  • Wireless Mesh Networks


With nearly 2 million miles spliced, we have unrivaled capabilities to support any client coaxial and fiber optic splicing needs.

  • Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing & Termination
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Testing & Characterization
  • ORL/CMD and PMD

Engineering Services

Full Circle Fiber Partners companies have engineered and managed the deployment of thousands of miles of fiber optic infrastructure for government agencies and telecommunication carriers. We have negotiated inter-governmental agency agreements and managed projects with a total value of approximately $1 billion.

Our experienced engineering team offers extensive knowledge in:

  • Inside/outside plant engineering design/construction of LAN, WAN, and outside plant fiber optic networks and HFC architectures.
  • Construction management
  • Route planning aerial and underground
  • Intelligent transportation systems engineering
  • Land acquisition for communication shelter sites
  • Civil engineering of shelter sites

Our technical staff is comprised certified engineers who specialize in:

  • WAN and LAN design
  • Forensic network security analysis
  • Network and physical security monitoring/surveillance systems
  • Department of Justice CJIS/NCIC network firewall compliance
  • Law enforcement surveillance systems

Our business planning professionals offer:

  • Current Market and competitive community telecommunications assessments
  • Feasibility analysis for new fiber optic networks
  • Technology network design/engineering/system integration
  • Financial analysis, capital requirements, and funding assistance to build technologically state-of-the-art “smart” companies and communities
  • Request for proposal (RFP) development and analysis
  • Intergovernmental agency agreement (IGA) development and analysis

Project Management

Our unique Project Management services are performed by experienced professionals.

  • Site survey, budgeting & forecasting
  • Network architecture review
  • Service provider search & contract review
  • Detailed competitive pricing & product analysis of each proposal
  • System & process workfow
  • Project & timeline management

The demands of the deployment—from permits and initial OSP construction to deployment —our team will focus on oversight of the deployment process to efficiently get your network installed on time.

Timeline of project with on-going management updates As-built design updates Connectivity updates Quality control inspections (we are uniquely qualifed in this area due to our teams’ experience that will maximize your results)

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